• Aug
    12:00:AM by John Wunderlich
    Mork & Mindy premiered just weeks after I started High School. When Robin Williams’ first album “Reality … What a Concept” was released, I ran out and spent every last dime I had on a copy. I listened to it so often I had the whole thing memorized. I can still pretty much quote it to this day. He was one of a short list of actors whose movies I would buy a ticket for just because they were in the cast. He was not always ‘rated G.’ He was sometimes ...
  • Aug
    12:00:AM by Tiffany Kromer
    Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28
    If you want to watch stories of drama and scandal unfold, you don’t have to watch soap operas or the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Instead, all you have to do is turn to the Bible. In it, we find many stories of scandal, all caused by the consequences of sin.
    In Genesis 37, we read the scandalous story of Joseph and his brothers.  This scandal really starts with their father, Jacob. Verse 3 tells us that Jacob loved...
  • Aug
    12:00:AM by Ruth Dixon
    Why do we hurt the ones we love?
    Family relationships, at best, are complicated—especially in this day of “yours, mine, and ours” families. When we take a glimpse at the patriarchal families in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, we will see that family relationships were complicated then, too. We see older brothers taking advantage of younger brothers, younger brothers usurping the privilege accorded the firstborn, surrogate mothers pushed out of the way along with their...
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